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The easiest way to deliver 3D design

2 great technologies in one

QR codes are really useful - they allow users to get to information on a website without typing. They are also a tiny bit boring.

Augmented Reality is really exciting and allows users to interact with the real World and their phones and tablets. It normally requires geeks to develop it though.

So imagine the best of both in one system - that's onvert.

We haven't even started yet.

Not only can you create a 3D virtual projection but you can add 30 seconds of sound to your work. The compressed content downloads to the users phone in about the same time as an average web page.

onvert is all about a journey - when your user has scanned the code, seen the 3D content, heard the sounds and music, they can then link straight through to your website.

Adding value to your designs and adverts is what it's all about.

onvert examples

Where can onverts be used?

Anywhere you like - at work, home, on posters, magazines, information points, product packaging, quizzes, galleries, books, schools - anywhere you wish.

During spring 2012, we are running a competition for the most innovative use of onvert so if you have an idea - get creating!

What about the future

We are already underway with version 2 of the onvert system which includes new things to present to app user, some great statistics tools and loads more interactivity.

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