Powered by onvert, these Augmented Reality T-shirts are available to buy for Christmas at augmentedrealityfashions.com

Designed by harmony.co.uk the t-shirts, iPad cases and mouse mats feature a range of AR designs from zombie hands to mechanical beating hearts, and friendly snowmen. Track santa with the santa detector design which will point to the North Pole when activated.

The t-shirts and accessories are available to buy from augmentedrealityfashions.com and you can try before you buy. The Augmented Reality uses the FREE onvert app on Android and iOS.

These t-shirts are perfect for Christmas presents, and available to order worldwide.

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We hope that you are having lots of fun discovering your characters with the 3d.me. An enjoyable and amusing way to have fun and experience augmented reality effects at the same time. It’s one of the most compelling applications that allow you to choose your friend or a celebrity from the list of available option. The3d.me transforms them into an animated character!

Hatch your unique identity with the onvert viewer app – see a beautiful animated scene created just for you. Water gushes spaceships fly across the sky, blood drips from the edge of the coffin and pirate ships fire cannon balls right at you!

Don’t forget to enter the3d.me competition by adding your 3d.Me to the competition gallery. The winners receive £150 in Amazon gift vouchers and are crowned the King/Queen of the month, and have the chance to be featured in a real book with their character.

For those uninitiated: search for the3d.me on Facebook, pick a couple of photos and your favourite items and your 3D.Me is revealed. Scan the onvert tag with your smart device, located on the lower right side of your 3D.Me image and check out who your 3D.Me is. Share your 3D.Me with friends and family and see who they become with the3d.me…

Unlock, share and have fun with your 3D.Me.

Play free at the3d.me


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Take the social convention for exchanging photo/images to exciting new dimensions of discovering new content while on the move.

Onvert, an augmented reality company based in United Kingdom, have added a new feature for taking snapshots of augmented images within their latest app update. You can now share these photos on real time basis via the social network. Brands can create a wonderful experience for their consumers by engaging them with this innovative technology.

Assume your user has just scanned your campaign advertisement and a received a free voucher. What do you think he would do? What would you do? Share this with your friends using the share option, with the possibility of it becoming viral across the internet.

Moreover, this could be the first step initiated towards changing the way people interact via social media channels. Onvert’s main objective with this feature is to make sharing of augmented reality images accessible for everyone. In fact, the economics of sharing photos via social media platforms is considered the most ubiquitous form of interactivity.


Onvert brings a new dimension to mobile experience by allowing users to share and unlock hidden offers and discounts. Brands can design campaigns centred on this technology.

In fact, onvert offers the unique opportunity for marketers to customize dynamic promotional campaigns with the aim of capturing attention and interest and thereby creating enough buzz and incentive to entice them to shop at their nearest store.

The possibilities are limitless and onvert helps you to leverage this opportunity for increasing brand presence.

Download onvert from Google Play and Apple iTunes.

For more information visit onvert.com

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Harmony successfully launched the 3D.Me, a free Facebook Application; the first of its kind that enables users to discover their animated characters. The application integrates with onvert to deliver augmented reality effects that makes user’s experience incredibly exciting.

The 3D.Me is a humorous application that allows users to choose a face of them and their friend from their Facebook profile and the app uses the user’s cropped face to integrate with a background that resonates with the answers provided to the questions. The 3d.me generates a photo frame with slight revelation of their undiscovered character. The significance of the user’s journey gets more exciting upon unveiling their animated characters by scanning the white and black onvert tag situated on the lower right hand corner of the photo frame.

The fun and enjoyment is not only limited to discovering animated characters, but even participating in an entertaining competition that allows users to be nominated as the King or Queen of the month and the winner receives £150 in Amazon gift vouchers absolutely free. The competition permits users to submit a 3D.Me picture and the most amazing one would be crowned the winner and would be recognized in the Hall of Fame wall; offering enormous publicity. As for the mega prize, the winners of each month would also be eligible to be featured in a real book with their character. Just to be fair; participating contestant, who couldn’t get crowned also has a chance to win £50 Amazon gift voucher through a lucky draw.

The sole objective of the 3d.me is to help people share more laugh and create fun filled moments combined with a novel technology like augmented reality. Onvert’s main functionality incorporates to unlock hidden content making the experience amusing and hilarious, with the simplicity of sharing with friends and family and making it viral across the internet. The onvert application offers users a gateway to a whole new world of reality with remarkable animations such as bats flying, objects spinning, blood dripping from the side of the coffin, fireworks in the background and much more.

With millions of different combinations, users can discover and share their 3D.Me pictures throughout the Facebook. Imagine, your 3D.Me pictures all over Facebook and it get viral and your friends and family become curious to know about your chosen pet. This is the only the beginning!

Watch the the 3d.me trailer and play free on Facebook.

Download onvert from Google Play and Apple iTunes.


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                You can now spice up your wardrobe with augmented reality effects that makes T-shirts designs come to life. If you want your t-shirt to be a talking point, then Augmented Reality T-shirts are exactly what you need. Where else can you show everyone your insides are powered by steam. The world of augmented reality promises to bring designs alive and make them more engaging. Onvert’s most innovative feature enables you to create your own design that would uniquely distinguish you from others. Scanning a special T-shirt with your mobile application enables to bring life to characters or designs; it’s like casting a spell, (the only difference is; you need to tap a button on your mobile). Onvert has always been on the forefront of developing innovative augmented reality features which can be incorporated with anything; with onvert you can create T-shirts that sparks animations, graphics, sound and the most essential component; the WOW factor, which makes design sparkle. Whether you want a monkey playing the drums or a dragon breathing fire or an alien to burst out of your stomach; onvert allows you to do so without any terrible consequence. Not only, can you integrate designs with onvert; but you can also share the resulting augmented reality with your friends and family. This technology could also be used in a fashion show. Imagine yourself amongst rows of fashion enthusiasts eagerly waiting to view this season’s collection from top fashion designers. With models walking the floor, you could scan the outfits with your application and receive an extra layer of information about the range. That’s the power of onvert in your smart device!

Download onvert at Google Play and Apple iTunes.

For more information visit onvert.com

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Graffiti is a style of art which rose to modern prominence in America, New York during the 1970s. Graffiti is about “personal style,” “aesthetic innovation,” and “artistic self expression“. It’s all about looking good and catching the eye, stylistic influence and the creation of a self-conscious visual tradition (Revolution in a Can, 2011).

From 1980s graffiti art changed rapidly and emerged with new styles, such as light graffiti, 3D graffiti and graffiti illusion.

Michael Bosank light graffiti 2

Light Graffiti: Michael Bosanko, URL: http://amazingstuff.co.uk/art/michael-bosanko-light-graffiti/

3d Graffiti, URL: http://graffitiart.coolpage.biz/?p=9


Graffiti Illusion: Kurt Wenner, URL: http://graffitine.com/graffiti-paving-3d-graffiti-street-art/

“Sunday afternoon in London’s Trafalgar Square. Not far from the fountains, someone has left an enigmatic message on the steps: ”Fine mist washes over my face,” it reads. ”Gray skies seem bluer here.” Tourists wander by, but none of them can see the words. 

In fact, there are hidden messages painted all over the square. On the side of the National Gallery, somebody has scribbled a declaration in large letters: ”Maria, I love you”. That graffiti has been there for more than a month without anybody cleaning it off. And inside a nearby restaurant, waiters are serving pizza, blissfully unaware of the message on the wall saying the food looks like pigeon droppings ”


De Lange, Catherine, New Scientist, 5/19/2012, Issue 2865

If you visit any major city and you will see hidden messages on buildings, fountains, walls and in dense graffiti areas, any surface that can be tagged. Graffiti is very personal and can be informative, despite negative responses when used destructively. Graffiti designers can create the most realistic effects by creating remarkable graffiti illusion artworks.

Applying graffiti on a real world object (walls, roads, etc) is one of the core augmented reality principles. Smartphone users can scan tags placed on a real object and unlock hidden reality. Sharing and tagging the physical world is now a part of digital social life.

“Now apps are emerging that explicitly trumpet their ability to tag the physical world like graffiti

De Lange, Catherine, New Scientist, 5/19/2012, Issue 2865

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The Geek gods have spoken and has blessed the human race with a disruptive technology. Welcome to the world of augmented reality, where a bag of potato chips predicts the weather forecast and devices are turned into a story telling tool that bring inanimate objects to life.

In fact, AR would change (I am being highly optimistic) lives more profoundly, not only by flashing relevant information before your eyes or locating a pizza shop, but by offering users interactive experiences about unexpected offers and discounts, while shopping or on the move.

People spend an inordinate amount of time using their phone while on the go for socializing, feeding relevant information to the brain, for sharing etc. Apart from the aforementioned activities, this technology offers something really exciting; smartphone users can now hunt for hidden offers and discounts.

There is no longer a need to sit around and surf for discounts on the internet or wait for coupons by email; it is now possible to unlock hidden discounts and coupons with smart devices.

For instance, imagine your entire city to be a lake floating with offers and discounts and users need to fish them out by scanning different product packaging or posters that support AR. Sounds interesting, right?

Searching for discounts and voucher becomes a kind of adventure for users and at the same time connects them to business owners. In fact, with onvert’s latest feature, users can not only enjoy the effects of augmented reality but even discover virtual coupons and vouchers in real time and share them via social network channels.

The increased level of engagement can actually boost traffic; and brands can even organize fun contests, thereby pushing consumer’s curiosity and attracting them towards brick and mortar stores. With the explosion of smart phones and devices and on the move connectivity, an augmented reality platform like onvert would revolutionize shopping and enhance customer experience and brand engagement. Onvert enables to offer innovative and effective promotional platform that aims to convert traffic into successful sales and also allows users the opportunity to share promotional activities with their friends.

Visualize yourself surfing through the millions of products in a shopping centre and you come across an AR enabled poster and you scan the black and white square design visible at the bottom of the poster and within seconds colourful 3D animation, images, information and sound jumps into your screen while a vouchers saves to your library to be redeemed at your nearest store.

So, fun, enjoyment and an unexpected offer- this is how onvert transforms your shopping experience into something wonderful.

Download onvert at Google Play and Apple iTunes.

For more information visit onvert.com



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This year the summer can’t get more exciting especially with the Olympics fever in one hand; and on the other hand the launch of onvert’s 1.6 version with its latest features. The new features form a part of a wider digital strategy that enables brands to take advantage of the social ritual where users tend to capture and share photos.

Mobile experiences are unique in many ways as the mobile screen is always with the consumer and enables them to instantaneously connect with brands at any time. With  onvert’s newest functionality (the most exciting one), users can capture and share their augmented images on a real time basis via social media platforms, enabling users to stay connected and share exciting offers with their friends and family.

The new version is also capable of displaying coupons & offers, which could be a part of a marketing campaign organized by various brands. Users gain by experiencing augmented effects on their phone and unlock hidden offers. The new features showcases itself as a great promotional tool showing brand owners that onvert not only builds engaging relationships with consumers on mobile but also drives consumers to their dedicated web link.

Combined with a completely new user interface; designers can look forward to adding animation to their campaigns, as the app now supports animations like rising smoke (gravity & anti-gravity), arrows pointing towards a defined location (geo location) and much more.

All the above incredible features are for free to experience with the app and are available for download immediately from Google Play & Apple Store.

Sign up for our newsletter and get updates on the latest development from onvert.com.

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The Curiosity Rover has presented the first colour images of the Martian landscape to the north of the landing site, according to NASA. The rover made a successful landing in the crater Gale in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Immediately after landing the rover took a few pictures with the camera overhead Hazcam, located on the unit and intended to detect obstacles in its path.

This mosaic is made of 20 images, each of 1,024 by 1,024 pixels, taken late at night on Aug. 7 PDT (early morning Aug. 8 EDT). It uses an average of the Navcam positions to synthesize the point of view of a single camera, with a field of view of 120 degrees. Seams between the images have been minimized as much as possible. The wide field of view introduces some distortion at the edges of the mosaic

California Institute of Technology 

360-degree images were published on a 360 cities.net website and provided everyone an opportunity to see how Mars planet look like using the most stunning and high quality images.

URL: http://www.360cities.net/image/curiosity-rover-martian-solar-day-2

You can view images using the Google Viewer, but for an even better experience, try using an iPad or iPhone. You can just walk around your room, moving the device from side to side in order to reach desirable angle and see the planet surface surrounded you. It works as an augmented reality, where enhanced reality can be applied to a real world objects and be viewed in a real time.

AR technologies are very advanced and can be used for applying enhanced reality to almost any objects, even on other planets.

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The advent of mobile computing with faster processors and web access is gaining momentum, but none of these devices offer 3D graphics performance comparable to a desktop system. Possible explanations would include strong demand for graphics accelerators and the absence of incredible mobile application that would do justice to this functionality. The solution- AR.

Augmented Reality has become popular for its dynamic nature and penchant for use in mobile application that could be the basis to exhibit 3D graphics.  In addition, AR’s greatest strength is its compelling presentation which tends to excite audiences. Creative artwork and graphics illuminate some truly wonderful and attractive visual environments; allowing users to experience by unlocking hidden content with digital devices.

The world is changing and so are the ways people perceive reality. AR has the potential to revolutionize certain industries. However, AR is often relegated as a gimmickry in an attempt to provide consumers with quick entertainment. The technology has definitely opened up new avenues for dynamic content creation – the latest being the interactive power of games with AR experiences. This approach particularly translates to entertainment, education and advertising.

Many consumers are still unfamiliar with augmented reality. But that is not restricting companies like onvert from developing an application that allows users to create customized 3D graphical content for free. Onvert enables designers to create their own augmented reality content, by uploading images to onvert.com. The site produces an onvert tag, which when scanned by the onvert viewer app, initiates the augmented reality experience.

Likewise, AR’s has a proven popularity level; a wider audience has become interested in making use of this technology, encouraging companies like onvert to create accessible ways of creating their own digital content.

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