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Is Augmented Reality a Fad?

Augmented Reality apps are here, but would most people use it is the new argument.

Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC tries out an image recognition app which overlays images and film when it recognises a set image. He speaks to Jeremy Male, the CEO of JCDecaux.

Male explains that people are interacting with their existing augmented reality posters, getting 'completely involved' and enjoy being able to 'open car doors'. In their experience, people pick it up pretty quickly.

However billboards, which often have a camera to see the consumer and integrate with the AR, are possibly more accessible than any campaign that requires a consumer to load an app and view through their phone, or don 3D glasses? Subsequently, not everyone is convinced that it will be anything more than a passing fad.

What is a given is that the hurdles to viewing augmented reality must be as minimal as possible, and it must be fun or particularly helpful to provide enough incentive for the idea not just to be a novelty.

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