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UK Survey Shows QR Uptake Higher than USA

Following the recent survey covering American use of QR codes, Econsultancy have conducted a survey of UK users online, which they admit:

The survey was conducted online, which suggests that respondents are more tech-savvy, so this figure may be higher than it would be if conducted offline.

The survey found that the most exposed age group were 18-34 year olds, where 50% recognised a QR code and knew what it was for. Only 21% of over 55s could in comparison.

47% agreed they were deterred from scanning a QR code because their mobile phone doesn't have the capability. This included those who could scan if they had the correct app.

27% said that they were deterred because they would have to download an app, and 17% said it was too time consuming to do so. If QR readers are included in native mobile phone software, this hurdle will be reduced.

Econsultancy also surveyed the reasons for scanning a QR code and found that 42% of people would scan a QR code if it meant they would get a discount voucher, 23% would out of curiosity and 21% would just to find out more about a product advertised.

The increased use of QR suggests that this figure will continue to rise, especially as smartphone sales continue.

When considering nonverts, we can consider how best to use this increase in QR use to best advantage.