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Visit England QR Code Pilot

QR codes have been used for quite a few years now. Quick Recognition codes can be scanned by a device such as a mobile phone and will retrieve a URL or information embedded within it. They're more advanced barcodes which everyone has become very familiar seeing on products.

Visit England have trialled QR codes on their signs to 'modernise visitor information'. The codes are appearing on signs in Shewsbury, Leicester, Chester, Rochester and Rutland for six months, with the aim to inspire visitors to spend more time in the area.

The QR codes will bring up short video clips, sound bites and information that focus on facts and details around the area that might easily be overlooked. In particular the Shrewsbury pilot is included on the Darwin Trail, and the Rochester pilot includes Dickens.

The videos are available on YouTube, which is how VisitEngland will measure the success.

Nonvert codes could go a step further, rather than just supplying standard information or video, augmented reality could change the scene, overlay video in scale with the situation before the visitor. It could point out those hard to spot places rather than relying on a visitor to be able to accurately interpret written information or images on a small screen.

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