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Campaign Guide

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned QR code campaigner or embarking on your first experimental campaign, we have some useful tips on encouraging those all important conversions.


Quick Response (QR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two methods of adding value to a marketing campaign. The use in a campaign can provide new and exciting opportunities to engage with consumers, and stretch your creativity.

Onvert is for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. These devices are owned by younger consumers with disposable income, so we recommend examining your potential audience.

QR is there to reach something quickly, to save typing or remembering. Take your consumer straight to the point of the campaign, and make it extraordinarily easy. Donít send to the home page of your desktop website, go straight to a mobile-optimised campaign landing page that matches visually.

Keep your message simple. Mobile use is often in short bursts, and inputting data can be fiddly and tiresome for your consumers. Make it a no-brainer. Test your concept on someone completely unfamiliar and learn from their interpretation.

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As with traditional campaigns, incentive to connect with you must be clear and appealing. To scan a code and engage with a campaign requires the audience to engage, so the prize should be enticing or make them curious enough.

Make the incentive clear on your artwork. Give a discount, exclusive content, a free chapter - be inclined to offer more to reach your audience. Experiment with curiosity.

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Onvert makes use of the QR marker and your target image (the part the camera recognizes and overlays the AR onto). This ensures your up to date content is downloaded, and the app is a tiny download. Make sure the onvert QR code and your campaign are placed together closely.

If your campaign is to be deployed in a fixed position, such as a billboard or poster, consider whether mobiles in this area can connect to the 3G network, if it's a subway or on a plane without 3G or free wifi, then you may want to reconsider placement or use onvert on another part of the campaign.

Consider if your audience will have their phone to hand. A drive-by position is not a suitable position, neither is a medium which moves or displays for a short time. These positions require short, snappy messages to reach consumers who glance.

The distance between the campaign and your audience matters. A campaign set up high or at a distance might prove tricky to scan and read. Challenges often inspire great creativity, so see what you can achieve with the location.

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Industry recommends that a QR code is no smaller than a 10th of the scan distance. However, the bigger your QR code can be within your artwork, the easier it is to scan. Mobile devices can be hindered by low resolution cameras that can find it hard to focus up close on detailed codes.

Your target image should be visible, with good contrast. Consider how far away someone must stand to see the full campaign, and remember that you don't need to augment your full artwork to achieve something cool.

Always test, and consider the print quality, contrast of artwork and potential shine from glass or plastic overlays on outdoor media, or gloss on print.

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Track your scans and conversions, so that you can adjust and measure your campaign. The type and style of tracking will vary depending on your desired conversions and existing monitoring on your mobile site.

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Test your artwork, codes during design and at proof. Make sure your landing page is loading quickly over 3G and accessible on popular handsets. Check your tracking is working and run some test transactions.

If possible, visit your campaign in situ and tweak your campaign as necessary to optimize it. Remember onvert layers, sound and links can be changed without amending the marker or target.

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Share your campaign with us

If you are using onvert for your campaign, get in touch and let us know. We greatly appreciate the chance to work alongside teams so we can improve our service for you and others.

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