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Press Release

Designing for Tomorrow: The Winners of onvert.com Challenge 2012

Issued: 25th June 2012 For Immediate Release

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The world's most accessible 3D augmented reality service, onvert.com is delighted to announce the winners of the 2012 Design Challenge.

Onvert challenged designers internationally, to create concepts for innovative uses for the augmented reality platform and mobile application.

Hundreds of creative submission were received and reviewed based on a variety of factors including innovative use, look, style, popularity, creativity and use of Onvert platform. Competitors entered the competition simply by creating a design on Onvert.com and winners were selected from a large number of exceptional quality artwork designs.

Onvert is proud to announce the first place winner of the 2012 Design Challenge is "Hidden Robot", created by Matthew Leach. Matthew's design plays with onvert's ability to 'reveal' by creating a robot which transforms into a microwave. He first designed a prototype in polystyrene, which was followed by developing a paper model and adding photos and graphics. The design replicates innovativeness and accuracy and an exemplary level in quality design. He wins $1000.

The judges were impressed by the collective creativity, representing the diverse uses of onvert's platform to compliment quality artwork.

There were two runners up in the competition, each receiving $500. One explored onvert's use for illustration in children's books, and the other a not before considered combination of stereoscopic artwork, adding yet another dimension to artwork.

Five further commended entries received $100 each, demonstrating thoughtful illustration, positioning with Facebook and use for promoting a music label.

All the winners at onvert Design Challenge shared a common theme: creativity has no boundaries, and the combination of onvert application with this challenge initiated individuals to unleash their potential.

Onvert is a combination of a custom web portal and a freely distributed app for smart phones and tablets. This novel piece of technology has been combined with QR codes to develop engagement.

Onvert fits straight into existing marketing and is easy to put together at no cost, no coding and no catches. Users can create their own Onvert by choosing the target image and adding layers; to develop something extraordinary - the idea being able to discover virtual caches, digital graffiti hidden on products and pictures.

The winner's gallery is available to view.

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