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Press Release

Onvert Augmented Reality in Innovation of the Year Shortlist

Issued: 4th July 2012 For Immediate Release

Augmented Reality platform, Onvert.com, is shortlisted for Innovation of the Year in the Nectar Business Small Business Awards 2012.

Harmony Internet, a UK creative company, created the world's most accessible Augmented Reality platform and launched it in February 2012, before taking it to Internet World 2012 in April where it received a very high level of attention.

"We are extremely pleased to be shortlisted," explained Director, Jason Higgins, "a UK award for innovation from Nectar is a great recognition of this new technology and the hard work we have put into developing it as a small business."

The Innovation of the Year category recognises businesses that have most successfully created and brought to market an innovation. Harmony demonstrated how onvert allowed them to enter the Augmented Reality market, and the combination of technologies also allows them to exploit a niche.

In addition to Nectar short listing, Harmony and onvert have been shortlisted for the Special Award for Technological Innovation at the New Media Age Awards 2012, and were presented with the Business Innovation Award from the Federation of Small Businesses in June.

"We have taken a range of skills developed over the past 10 years and successfully forged them with some leading edge technology which is gaining us recognition worldwide. Having recently moved to new custom built offices, we have now expanding our team further and look forward to a very exciting future."

Launched in February 2012, onvert is a combination of a custom web portal and a freely distributed app for smartphones and tablets. It allows designers to overlay virtual content (with or without sound) on any trigger image of choice.

The service is open, accessible and free to use, so it can be used for any purpose one can think of, whether it be educational, business, art or even advertising.

Videos, information on how to use the service, and links to download the app are available at onvert.com

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