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Press Release

Unlock the Invisible with Your Mobile

Issued: 21 August 2012 For Immediate Release

New User Interface Concept for Vouchers

Reveal and enjoy animated 3D art hidden in adverts and claim exclusive discounts on the go with latest app update from onvert.com.

Onvert.com, the most accessible augmented reality service; announces today the astonishing new features of its latest 1.6 version, available now to download from Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Key features include:

  • Animation - see things spin, move and react to gravity and location as you move
  • Vouchers - collect embedded discounts as you scan
  • Screen Capture - share your photos of the action
  • New user interface - new features slot in smoothly

With the free onvert viewer app, it is possible to unlock hidden offers, animation and sound from any printed or digital surface such as posters, magazines, packaging and screens. When a designer or brand adds onvert to a campaign, it comes alive. Through the camera, previously invisible content magically springs to life to entertain and inspire.

"This is just a delightful leap forward for our enhanced reality suite," explained Jason Higgins, Managing Director of onvert. "Not only can designers add new effects through the web portal but the end user now has more engagement, enjoyment, offers and the ability to share live photos with friends."

The opportunity to create water gushing our of a design and pouring to the floor whichever way someone turns it is just one of those exciting animated features available for use, without requiring a single line of code.

However, for the audience, the delight in discovering these secret caches can now be shared with ease - a single tap and the moment is captured and can be posted to social networks or attached to an email. The simplicity encourages the action, catapulting a 2D campaign to new channels and audiences.

Onvert is a combination of a custom web portal and a freely distributed app for smartphones and tablets. It allows designers to overlay animated virtual content (with or without sound) on any trigger image of choice.

The service is open, accessible and free to use, so it can be used for any purpose one can think of, whether it be educational, business, art or even advertising. As with all onverts, those people without the onvert viewer can still use the QR Code in the normal way and link to the campaign's website.

Onvert was well received at Internet World Exhibition earlier this year, won a Business Innovation Award and has been nominated for two further awards by Nectar Business and New Media Age.

Videos, information on how to use the service, and links to download the app are available at onvert.com

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