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Press Release

Are You Ready to Unleash Your 3D.Me?

Issued: 11 September 2012 For Immediate Release

the3d.me transforms you (and a friend) in a truly unique way - reveal yours with an iPhone, iPad or Android Device - the first app for Facebook of its kind.

Just log into Facebook to get started with the app, pick a couple of photos, grab your phone and find out if you're a cowboy, vampire, pop star or something even more fantastic!

The magic of your animated 3D.Me can only be revealed with the free onvert viewer app.

When you use the onvert app your 3D.Me image comes alive with sound and movement, from smoke rising from a campfire, water dripping from your screen or bats flying through your phone.

"the3d.me is the first Facebook app of its kind - anyone can create and share their 3D.Me and enjoy Augmented Reality with friends," explained Jason Higgins, Managing Director of Harmony Internet, the creators of the app. "Each 3D.Me has a unique identity, and a beautifully animated scene which reacts to the way you hold your phone or tablet."

the3d.me is also the first application to use the onvert.com API which allows third parties to utilise the AR creation tools through their own interface - opening up opportunities for t-shirt design companies and card companies to create Augmented Reality overlays for designs within their own design interfaces.

Onvert is a combination of a custom web portal and a freely distributed app for smartphones and tablets. It allows designers to overlay animated virtual content (with or without sound) on any trigger image of choice.

The service is open, accessible and free to use, so it can be used for any purpose one can think of, whether it be educational, business, art or even advertising. As with all onverts, those people without the onvert viewer can still use the QR Code in the normal way and link to the campaign's website.

Onvert was well received at Internet World Exhibition earlier this year, won a Business Innovation Award and has been nominated for two further awards by Nectar Business and New Media Age.

Videos, information on how to use the service, and links to download the app are available at onvert.com

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